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Deli & Bakery

A full-service bakery and deli in Elyria, OH

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We'll always give you the friendliest service when you visit our bakery or deli in Elyria, OH. Come and see us today to discover why so many people in the area rave about our food!
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Cake sizes

1/8 Sheet Cake – Serves 4-6
1/8 Double Layer Sheet Cake – Serves 8-10
1/4 Sheet Cake – Serves 15-20
1/4 Double Layer Sheet Cake – Serves 25-30
1/2 Sheet Cake – Serves 30-40
1/4 Double Layer Sheet Cake – Serves 55-65
Full Sheet Cake – Serves 60-80
Full Double Layer Sheet Cake – Serves 90-110
Fresh bakery items in Elyria, OH

Custom cakes

At our bakery in Elyria, we pride ourselves on providing beautiful, delicious cakes that can be customized to your every need. Choose between white, chocolate, yellow, and marble cakes, as well as our whipped or buttercream white icing. We also have beautiful Cassata cakes that are filled with Bavarian cream and strawberry filling. 
For the final touch, we add the words and decorations you would like, at no additional charge!
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Full-service bakery

When you think of bakery products, you want to be sure that everything is as fresh as it can be. At Dale's Market & Deli of Elyria, we provide only the finest breads, rolls, cookies, donuts, cupcakes, brownies, strudels, pies, muffins, and other yummy bakery items.
Our full-service bakery has the highest quality standards, so you can always count on finding delicious baked goods when you shop with us.
Deli and bakery items in Elyria, OH

Well-stocked deli

Whether it’s a mouth-watering, freshly made deli salad or perfectly sliced meat or cheese, our deli items are incredibly delicious. From hot food items to other deli stock, we have the tastiest products from top suppliers like Eckrich, Sugardale, Willowbrook, Kahn's, Land O Lakes, Guggisberg, and more. 
Come see us in Elyria for a taste of one of our 160+ deli items – you’ll never go back to buying from any other store!
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